Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Home again, home again, jiggity, jig

Such a good feeling coming 'home'. After 2-1/2 months of living out of a suitcase I have to say it felt great to unpack. Fun to have some new wardrobe choices and comforting to sleep in my own bed - even though I miss my granddaughter's early morning wake-up whisper.

The studio has been cleared of bills & magazines but not the to-do lists and new piles of projects. I forget how much time it takes for the west-east jet-lag to dissolve, sleep patterns to re-adjust and creative flow to kick in. I've managed to sew one shirt I really like and another that looks scarily similar to some I saw in Paris but hated. (Be careful what you think) Miss-takes are always such a good teaching tool...

I'm finishing the details on my next patterns for Vogue, working up new ones, making samples for my presentation at the Sew Expo in Puyallup next month and creating work for my Spring show in Minnesota, 'Art at Highland' on March 27th.