Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Last Day in Paris

Another great day in Paris! Actually saw the sun momentarily this afternoon - not for long though... Most of the light seems to be filtered through gray clouds.

Wandered all through our 'new' neighborhood - St Germain des Pres - including checking out a hotel on rue Git le Coeur where I stayed in 1986 (or was it '87, I can't quite remember). Still owned by Madame Odillard, Relais Hotel Vieux Paris has been remodeled (I hope so, it was pretty bare bones 20+ years ago) and is now a 'boutique' hotel. Probably not right for our groups but fun to see after all this time.

We explored many narrow streets fulfilling the words of that Joni Mitchell song, "...I was a free man in Paris, I felt unfettered and alive.... You know I'd go back there tomorrow but for the work I've taken on..." Marcy and I had our wishes fulfilled, all our desired places visited and last minute items found and purchased. Ate lunch with another cute waiter flirting for fun and tips as he parodied the classic French 'guy' with his smile and shrugs. Lots of laughing.

Wandered the Luxembourg Gardens - flirting with more Frenchmen, runners this time - meandering through the snow in the quiet bare trees. Paris is uncrowded today and I am loving it.

Met a woman on the rue de Rivoli(with her embarrassed daughter and husband trying to hide out by hanging back carefully studying a store window) from Alabama who innocently asked us if we knew where any good clothing stores were. I told her she had asked the right people - and she thought I was kidding! A few laughs later, with maps out, we directed them to a street and shops the daughter might like. Serendipity continues to dazzle and amuse...

Finished the day with a really great wood fire pizza from Pizza Vesuvio (locations all over town) and champagne. Packing tonight for an early up and out return home.