Tuesday, January 12, 2010

No peace at Cafe de la Paix...

Stopped at Cafe de la Paix for tea today. Don't bother. This is a well-known and expensive spot by the Opera but, no peace there - no nice either - they were rude, unfriendly and unwelcoming! Refused to allow three of us to sit at a table for two, no matter that several couples were pigging it up at tables for four. Sometime Parisians are incredibly and unnecessarily rude. Fortunately this is really the first time it's happened - well there was one cranky pharmacy guy - but it still felt shocking. Their insolence caused us to search further for a quiet spot which we found in the tearoom, Cafe Lumiere, at Hotel Scribe. A picturesque presentation of tea and espresso was served up by gracious and cheerful staff and was greatly appreciated by Marcy, our copine Martine and myself.

After wandering all over the neighborhoods of from Monmartre, to the Champs-Elysee, to Opera and back to St Germain des Pres we are staying close to home for dinner tonight. Like all big cities, navigating Paris requires stamina. Makes me really appreciate life in the wilds of Oregon where the only big work required is bringing in logs for the fire... What a great life!