Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kindergarden Accessorizing

It's never to early to accessorize and learn to tie a scarf.  Isadora Duncan had the right idea and so does Charlotte.  Spring weather is warming, dandelions are brightening up lawns and the magnolia blossoms are dissolving into the air.  Perfect timing to get out a long bright flowing neckpiece.  She got it exactly right.

I'm so happy to be in Minnesota with my children and grandchildren.  Staying long enough to partake in some of the day to day moments - going to school, monitoring homework, sitting by the tub with a little one, reading books aloud, helping assemble new furniture, shopping for fabric and making new curtains.  Walking in the city and stopping at the grocery store often because it's so convenient. 

Really appreciating and enjoying life, family, friends and acquaintances.