Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Au Revoir Paris

In the Palais Royale
The Palais Royale is such a beautiful space.  This end of the garden has a sculptural installation with black and white striped posts of varying heights - and you know how I love black and white stripes!  Some of the posts are surrounded with a grate as they are over running water.  Quite cool.

These last days in Paris we wandered through some favorite neighborhoods and explored new areas.  The weather chilled out so we decided not to stand in line for an hour on Friday afternoon to view the Andrée Putman exhibit at the Ville de Hotel.  Rather we got there first thing on Saturday morning when there wasn't a crowd nor a wait.  The exhibit was beautiful and inspiring.
Andrée Putman
 Andrée Putman is the premier interior designer in France, the Coco Chanel of interior design, and yet she is so much more than that.  At 82 she looks marvelous and is still going strong!  All those black and white tiles we love - she's been using them for years. Boutique hotels - she did the first. Clean lines, stunningly simple designs, livable spaces, gorgeous furniture with unique detailing, contemporary clarity ahead of her time and in contrast to the over-the-top ornate and patterned luxe of other French designers.  Quite the role model!

Trip home was long and thankfully uneventful.  I watched movies the whole way and hardly cracked open my Kindle.  Must have been movie deprivation...  Happy to be in Minnesota for the holidays with lots of time to hang out with my children and grandchildren. 

I wish for you a holiday season filled with peace, love and lots of laughter!