Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Going With the Flow

What a fun group we have in Paris with us and what a grand time we are having together!  People move in and out of scheduled or spontaneous activities depending on their energy level and interest.  Choices flow smoothly and decisions show up bright eyed and sparkling like the Eiffel Tower last night.

We were hoping to go all the way to the top of the Eiffel Tower which is an amazing experience in the daytime and I was anticipating an awesome sight at night with the crescent moon up there...  For some reason the top level was closed but the view from the second level didn't disappoint.

For 360 degrees the panorama was stunning. The moon shone, the tower was sparkling (for 10 minutes on the hour, every hour), and the crowd seemed small once we arrived at the platform.  There I was, on the Eiffel Tower; looking out over the city of Paris; the sparkling Seine; a river of red lights on the streets; the Arc de Triomphe standing tall; Sacre Coeur crowning the hill; the Trocedero holding her arms wide; a soccer field with an ants game moving back and forth.  Magic certainly.

Magic is the operative word for this time here.
 The group likes to shop for fabric so we did some of that yesterday, finding some elegant and alluring pieces. 
Wendy scores!
At the end of the day (which sometimes feels more like a week given all we are doing) it feels great to sit down and have a cuppa something. Last night there was a martini in several of our cups...

À votre santé