Thursday, November 18, 2010

Quelle Idée

Up and out bright (well, actually it's been quite grey in Paris) and early, we traveled with the crowds on the Metro yesterday morning to the Marie Claire Idées Expo.  Like all big convention centers, at Port de Versailles you walk blocks and wait in line. More fun though when its in Paris... And quite interesting to see what appeals to the French in the area of craft.  Grateful to be there early - by the time we were ready to leave you can see how crowded it got...  You couldn't get through the aisles in the scrap-booking section.

We did find a few cool items among the massive amounts of kits and stencils.  I loved this booth with its very French tags, boxes, strings and things.  My purchase here was a totally cool chicken wire 'lampshade' thing that you can see in this photo if you look very carefully above the guy's head (where Marcy's hand is).  It will probably be filled with my laundry for the suitcase ride home.

This is my other favorite booth - a very simple but effective display - with these marvelous magnetic pin creatures that you could use for closures, pins or buttons.  Tres chic! and very original.


Off now for another day of adventure in Paris.  What a wonderful life I have!