Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunny Day

The sun was shining in Paris and on a Saturday too!  After days of grey and rain this is amazing, wonderful and appreciated.  We visited the Orangerie where viewing Monet's 'Les Nymphes' is a spiritual experience.  Nothing quite like diving into the depths of Giverny's water gardens and melting into the reflections of clouds and leaves.  Renewing on so many levels.
Our farewell dinner at Le Grand Colbert was quite grand.  It's the restaurant featured in 'As Good As It Gets' which plays non-stop in the washroom.  I ate far too much rich food and enjoyed every bite.  Couldn't wait to photo my tasty salmon rillettes - I had to eat most of it first and it was delicious!

Paris continues being appreciated.  That was the theme for today and of course there was much to appreciate and be grateful for - fine food, beautiful buildings, friendly French people, sweet treats and fun companions.  This really is as good as it gets!

Every day was packed with discovery and for me the week flew by.  Tonight the group met in the hotel bar for a light dinner and closure.  We shared our favorite experiences and laughed some more.  Tomorrow brings transition and change. 

Au revoir for now.