Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Studio Time

I've realized that my favored activity, first thing in the morning while my coffee is brewing, is to wash the dishes.  There sit the dinner dishes, in the sink, ready to go.  The perfect zen activity presents itself - warm water on my hands, putting things in order, looking out the window at the ever changing view of the beauty of Mother Earth, being still.  My view includes fruit trees, a cool fence, the perfect picturesque red barn, a field that often contains a horse or some sheep and all this with the mountains on the horizon.  (What's not to like, I know.)

Just like the dishes in the sink, in the studio, I find that leaving a simple task to begin with gets the flow going.  Somehow the sight of a totally clear table can be intimidating so I make sure I have a 'start'.  It might be stitching up the hem to finish a new t-shirt, ripping out a mistake, clearing a counter, sweeping the floor.  An easy beginning.  A simple start.  Keeping it simple. 

As I move around making order, doing a mundane task, what is next usually appears.  I just know what to do.  (And of course sometimes the only thing to do is leave for awhile but that's another story.) 

I've been creating with my stash which includes some of the many scraps I've saved - always a fun opportunity to problem solve, kind of like a puzzle and a collage.  With marcytilton.com right next door I can always find something new to combine with what I have.  Most of it came from there in the first place!  I'm curious about 'breaking' the pattern, dividing it in an flattering and aesthetically pleasing way while mixing pattern, texture and color.  I am very happy with the way these two came out.  They are based on Vogue 8710.  You can view another collage T in Marcy's latest newsletter at http://www.marcytilton.com/index.php?cid=1530

We are off to buy more fabulous fabrics tomorrow so who knows what I will come up with next!

A bientôt!