Sunday, June 19, 2011

Surface Design Fun in Minneapolis!

The term 'surface design' covers anything you can do to the surface of fabric - dyeing, painting, stamping, adding color, removing color, sewing on, cutting away, stitching on, over or under, shredding, pleating, lacing or whatever else you can think of.  I'm sure I forgot something but whatever you're doing it's bound to be fun.

'Confluence', the biennial Surface Design Association's conference held in Minneapolis last weekend was (naturally) over the top!  I organized the Vendor Fair/Marketplace area and was blown away by the talented artists creating stunning hand-made textiles and the variety of tools and supplies available to everyday creatives as well as professionals.  Inspiration, conversation, wonder, curiosity, beauty and learning abounded as did totally cool people from all over the world.
A 7-minute hand-dyed scarf I created in Marlene Glickman's booth.

John Marshall's Gorgeous Kimonos

I especially loved listening to India Flint and Natalie Chanin, both down-to-earth but juicy entrepreneurs, authors, teachers and creators, doing vastly different work, who shared everything they could about their unique businesses and ways of working. 

India Flint unwrapped a dyed bundle at the end of her lecture that she created out of fabric she'd purchased at the Vendor Fair/Marketplace, dyed with natural materials she'd picked up on the way to dinner and set in the hotel bathroom!  It was gorgeous.

Natalie Chanin led a one day workshop on her applique and reverse applique techniques that I participated in.  Simple hand stitching techniques enhanced with a wealth of information on how she runs her business. The perfect ending to a fabulous weekend. Here's a photo of her hands at work.
Natalie's Hands
I started an organic cotton pillow cover which may take me years to finish depending on how many Netflix I can stitch through.  But I find hand-sewing to be such a relaxing experience that I may have completed in no time...

Hope you are having a fabulous day!