Sunday, November 11, 2012

Vogue 8863 - Fabric Possibilities and Zipper

 A flattering cropped jacket 
I made this style in three fabrics for Vogue:
A textured purple wool with silk-screened grosgrain zipper trim
and purple double knit sleeves. 
A soft kiwi wool coating with checkered zipper trim
and deep grey rib knit sleeves.

A medium weight red wool coating with a jacquard zipper trim
and black double knit sleeves.

Choosing the perfect ribbon is as much fun
as choosing the knit for the sleeve.
Keep your eye out
for thrift shop sweaters in the right color or contrast
to use for the sleeves.
Gotta love that up-cycling.

Some great possibilities for the jacket body from  

available in Kiwi, Crimson or Pewter.

For the sleeves some options are:

gives you a choice of which side to use.
or black or black on black stripe.

So many wonderful possibilities.

For the zipper, remember you can always start with 
a longer separating zipper than you need and cut it down.

Make sure the zipper pull is at the bottom of the zipper.
 Mark the top of the zipper where you want it to end.
Cut the zipper 1/2" above that mark and trim off the unneeded teeth.
Stitch off the top of the new zipper to form a 'stop'.
Finish the 'stop' and cut edges with Fray Check.
Press the extra zipper tape to the back.

 Fuse your chosen ribbon to both sides of the zipper
and press ends to the back.
Then stitch ribbon to zipper close to the teeth.
I silk-screened grosgrain for this zipper trim.

Fuse zipper to front of jacket to hold for stitching.
Fusible tape shown here on the back.
I mark the placement on wool fabric 
with a wax 'chalker' line that will press out.

Stitch it in place on the left side of the jacket.
Apply trimmed zipper to the right side front
after the jacket front is finished.

I want to make this pattern in a denim type fabric 
with a wild print lining
for an upscale jean jacket.

One day...

Monday, November 5, 2012

Last Day in Paris

A cup of coffee
and an apple tart
at a favorite bistro
takes the chill out
of a rainy afternoon
on the one day
I didn't bring my umbrella

Rain began and ended
this Paris trip
(making me feel right at home)
but the days in between
were quite nice.

 A big olive press 
(I think)
in the window
of a cool shop 
on Ile Saint Louis.

To heavy
to put in my suitcase.
The olive oil
that is.

Lights on the Seine
create magic.

Je retournerai 
au printemps.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday afternoon at Versailles

 A  panorama 
that cannot do justice
to the glorious day at the chateau de Versailles.
It can only hint
at the vast gardens, canals, ponds, paths and plantings.

The clouds were extraordinary.

this is not a 
Christo et Jeanne-Claude work,
just the outdoor sculptures
ready for winter.
Sun and clouds
the Temple of Love. 

I especially loved
the cottages 
and gardens
at Marie Antoinette's village.
through an arbour walk.


Portico at le Grand Trinon.

Cobblestone gutters
have such 
Puddle patterns
the morning rain.

In the vast repetition
of room 
after room
after room 
after room
of luxury
it was a relief 
to finally find
a simple toilet.
Fit for a king
or queen.


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Paris, Perfume, Painting, Fabric and Feathers

Sitting in the hotel lounge tonight
having a glass of wine after a marvelous couple of days.
Some fun photos to help me remember...

 Window 'licking' (lèche-vitrines) at Colette. 
THE skirt of the season -- short and sassy.

On the rue Saint Honore
this is what a cowboy boot looks like.

Marcy and Francesca happily admire the cashmere
at Janssens and Janssens.
Yours for only 525 euros/metre.

 Philippine Janssens' window showing her bespoke pants.
She makes pants that fit, with infinite styling and fabricating possibilities.
And, she looks like Audrey Tautou.

If you want pants that really fit and are in Paris
it can happen

We toured this amazing silk flower facility and got to see a dress 
being made for a princess.

Ostrich feathers and crystals
attached one at a time
to curved insets along the bottom edge.

Someone's fantasy gown
becoming a reality.

The Soutine exhibit at the Orangerie
blew me away.
I've always liked his paintings
but seeing so many 
portraits and landscapes together
cemented his work
as an all time favorite in my book.
The brushstrokes,
the color,
the energy --
amazing and extraordinary.
I am in awe.
In the perfume studio -- a table of scents awaits.
So much fun to mix our own and train our nose.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Sunday Reflections

Love the leopard, still all over Paris.
Here's the beast at the flea market.

Judy found the perfect scarf at the Marche Biologique
from one of our favorite scarf vendors.

The galettes were mouthwatering as always!

Looking at the garden
from Monet's bedroom window.
 Marcy and I taking pictures of each other.

A lush Fall garden.

Love the stove.

When I look at the ponds
I understand some
and imagine more
what living and painting
this beauty
changing in time and season

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Paris Continues...

 This store always has window displays that are a visual feast
 of color and texture and style.
Almost makes me wish 
that I had a man to buy something for.

(My grandson will just have to wait.)


 A cowgirl theme is popular all over Paris this Fall.
Tres cher.

Carhartt jackets and Timberland boots,
make me feel right at home.

 One of the exquisite domes at Printemps.

The restaurant under the other dome
makes for a magical lunch.
Our playful waiter
looked a little bit like Brad Pitt.
He loved it of course
when we told him that.

Nespresso is now making a tea machine.
Imagine that.
Perfectly brewed tea every time.
Not yet available in the US.

You'll just have to wait...

Paris continues...

Monday, October 22, 2012

Blue Skies in Paris!

There have been two wonderful warm
and sunny days in Paris to enjoy!
Cooler days are predicted so we have been
appreciating this Autumn magic.

Sat in a cafe for several hours Sunday
watching the river of people
rushing through the Marais.
So happy to be quiet for a while.

Had a lovely lunch today sitting on the sidewalk with
Judith Ann, an Oregon friend and her daughter Molly,
 born down the road in Takilma, soon-to-be-delivered of her new son.

An imminent birth brings so much joy to family and friends!
Even those of us on the fringes get to share.

This man waiting for his family outside of Merci 
is the best dressed I've seen in Paris. 
His suit was perfectly tailored
and he wore it with a casual panache.

Marcy and I stopped at Merci for a dessert and tea.
Both were superb.
They make them here with great care.
Some of the tastiest Parisian food I've eaten!
Merci, Merci.

Creativity in light fixtures is a Parisian talent.
This one gives new meaning to the term 'book light'.

The moon over the Place des Vosges as night falls.

Another perfect day in Parisdise.