Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tips for the New Zip Neck T - Vogue 8793

Once a pattern is released I always want to make another version!  I have one in grey/black (of course) and after I post this I'm on my way out to the ArtBarn to shop for some colorful fabric for Spring. This is the perfect shirt for using one of Marcy's Cool Combos or creating one of your own.

Plastic zippers are a good option as they are softer and lighter than metal. Ghee's has a great variety of beautiful zippers by the piece and by the yard available.

Combine lighter weight nets (sleeve, back and collar) 
and more stable jerseys (front, sleeve, cuff and collar).

When combining zippers cut out the teeth on 1/4" of one end. Seal with Fray Check.
Then overlap the edges and stitch together.
Sew zipper on to the straight edge (for some reason I always want to attach it to the curved edge).
If the zipper slips while stitching fuse it to the fabric.
Note how the zipper foot sits right on the edge of the zipper while stitching.
Arranging and basting the collar together before attaching it to the shirt is key.

The two collar pieces nest into one another creating a soft visual at the neck.

For Spring I am enlarging the neckline and using 3/4 sleeves. 
I'll post a photo when I complete it.

Off to go fabric shopping now!