Saturday, April 28, 2012

Avril à Paris

Lilies-of-the-Valley brings happiness on May 1 for the French - according to the women we met in the market this morning while we were wallowing in the scent of some real ones. The history comes from Charles the first who decided to give them to the ladies of the court. This window display in one of our special dessert spots captures the joy inherent in one of my favorite flowers and I'd bet that chocolate cupcake tastes way better than dirt!

We encountered an ocean of shoes in the lower level of Galleries Layfette. One whole square block of nothing but shoes, each designer showcased in their little boutique. So many shoes, so few that could actually be worn if you wanted to be able to walk...

Our neighborhood hardware store carries everything you could ever need. Artfully arranged floor to ceiling, no space is left unused, even the door had this well balanced display of balls of string.

Plus à venir!