Monday, April 30, 2012

Paris délicieux

Had lunch today at Le Progress in Montmartre which is becoming one of my favorite Paris restaurants. This gorgeous salad (which I have already tasted at this point in the photo) is the best salad I have ever eaten (and I make some pretty great salads!). Thinly sliced tomatoes, spicy roquette, tangy feta, dressed with a fine balsamic vinegar and a pesto oil that moved the basil flavor subtly onto each leaf. Oh so very good!

While Marcy went looking for fabric I took the funicular up to Sacre Coeur to gaze over the city while it was still relatively clear. The skies were quite artistically cloudy
and still you could see quite a distance.

The area was jammed with people everywhere so the energy was lively and happy.

This talented man was doing amazing things with a ball while standing on a pillar about 3' x 3'. If he had fallen it would be down a steep hill or the stairs. He kept this elegant dance up for at least 20 minutes of grace and ended by walking the fence
and then climbing the light post, all the while keeping the ball spinning.

It was a solo Cirque de Soleil as he held his body out parallel to the ground.

Then there were the brides having their photos taken...

And the chestnut trees in bloom!

Au revoir à  Avril en Paris.