Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lost in Transportation

Everywhere we went today we seemed to be lost... Not that this is a bad thing when driving around in Provence but it was strange. We decided to start at a market in Lourmarin, parked the car and started walking uphill. Fortunately Martine asked a woman on the street where the market was - far away and only vegetables. We wanted more. Back in the car and driving out of town we saw we would have never found it.

A perfect rose at Baumaniere.
On to another little town, more driving around to discover a tiny market with only 5 stalls. So we surrendered and went on, caught up in traffic and the wrong directions in Cavaillon but finally we made it to Baux-de-Provence and the fancy Hotel Baumaniere for lunch. Very fancy and très cher but odd as we were the only customers in the place. Two couples eventually arrived as we were eating dessert and both were American. Martine and the wait staff were the only French people in the place...

Main course of fish after a stuffed fish entree.
Small treats that followed the dessert!
Candied apricot and angelica followed the small treats. Couldn't finish...
Lunch was lovely but too much fish and too much sugar. Trop!
 We went out and had a nap in the car under the trees in the very quiet parking lot.

Our day ended up the road at the Cathedral d'Images. Old limestone caves have been converted into an amazing experience with music echoing off the walls and multiple images projected all around and on the ground. Paintings of Van Gogh and Gauguin are showing this year and it is a cool feeling to find yourself in 'Starry Night'.

Cathedral d'Images - being in the painting.
My shadow on the wall.
Love is everywhere..