Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Denim Time - Vogue 8834 & 8837

Too hot for pants these days 
but soon things will chill down 
and I will be ready to wear my new Fall pants. 
I've made up Vogue 8837. 

Although it calls for knits on the pattern envelope, 
I used a woven. I can do this because
this woven has some spandex in it.
Any of the stretch wovens from marcytilton.com
should work.

To make sure that they will fit I add an extra 1/2" of seam allowance 
to all parts of the side seams front and back. 
This gives me an extra 2" to work with 
which turns out to be perfect.

Shirt is Vogue 8834.
Pants are Vogue 8837.

The shirt is a medium weight stretch denim 
that I can wear like a jacket over a light t-shirt.
Layering is always good for cooler weather.
The fabric is the same on both sides,
best for this pattern as the yoke becomes the collar
or the collar becomes the yoke (no joke).
I like to mark the 'right' side of the collar/yoke fabric
with a post it note as it helps remind me
 when I'm stitching it all together
which side is up.

even that doesn't help.

I love the variety of seam rippers
I have to choose from.


Segue to Summer Fun.

Because of the hideously hot weather
I cancelled an art show to play and wander instead.
Totally the right thing to do.
Discovered a fabulous shop in
Maiden Rock Wisconsin.

cultural cloth is on the Great River Road
one of the most beautiful drives in the world.
It's full of lovely textiles and other
fun things handmade by women artists.

Sleeping under my new
colorful Kantha cloth bedspread is quite wonderful.