Monday, October 29, 2012

Sunday Reflections

Love the leopard, still all over Paris.
Here's the beast at the flea market.

Judy found the perfect scarf at the Marche Biologique
from one of our favorite scarf vendors.

The galettes were mouthwatering as always!

Looking at the garden
from Monet's bedroom window.
 Marcy and I taking pictures of each other.

A lush Fall garden.

Love the stove.

When I look at the ponds
I understand some
and imagine more
what living and painting
this beauty
changing in time and season

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Paris Continues...

 This store always has window displays that are a visual feast
 of color and texture and style.
Almost makes me wish 
that I had a man to buy something for.

(My grandson will just have to wait.)


 A cowgirl theme is popular all over Paris this Fall.
Tres cher.

Carhartt jackets and Timberland boots,
make me feel right at home.

 One of the exquisite domes at Printemps.

The restaurant under the other dome
makes for a magical lunch.
Our playful waiter
looked a little bit like Brad Pitt.
He loved it of course
when we told him that.

Nespresso is now making a tea machine.
Imagine that.
Perfectly brewed tea every time.
Not yet available in the US.

You'll just have to wait...

Paris continues...

Monday, October 22, 2012

Blue Skies in Paris!

There have been two wonderful warm
and sunny days in Paris to enjoy!
Cooler days are predicted so we have been
appreciating this Autumn magic.

Sat in a cafe for several hours Sunday
watching the river of people
rushing through the Marais.
So happy to be quiet for a while.

Had a lovely lunch today sitting on the sidewalk with
Judith Ann, an Oregon friend and her daughter Molly,
 born down the road in Takilma, soon-to-be-delivered of her new son.

An imminent birth brings so much joy to family and friends!
Even those of us on the fringes get to share.

This man waiting for his family outside of Merci 
is the best dressed I've seen in Paris. 
His suit was perfectly tailored
and he wore it with a casual panache.

Marcy and I stopped at Merci for a dessert and tea.
Both were superb.
They make them here with great care.
Some of the tastiest Parisian food I've eaten!
Merci, Merci.

Creativity in light fixtures is a Parisian talent.
This one gives new meaning to the term 'book light'.

The moon over the Place des Vosges as night falls.

Another perfect day in Parisdise.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Oregon Weather in Paris

  Off to Paris with a few bags, ready for fun!

The koi pond at Maison Zen 
provides a small oasis in the garden 
which causes me to take a deep breath 
when I come in from the busy streets.

Even the air conditioner is zen...

 It's raining in Paris. 
They call it a 'brown' rain here and 
when the drops dry on a car you can see why. 
Doesn't bode well for what we are breathing in 
but not much one can do but continue to have fun and enjoy. 
It is not cold but just right for a raincoat and I love that.

Market Aligre was crowded this Saturday,
a feast of fresh fruits, vegetables, fish and meat.

Lunch at La Fontaine was lovely
(even with an insipid wine).

Much better wine tonight,
recommended by a Frenchman 
who was tasting at the wine shop.
(We listen to the recommendations,
they are usually spot on.)

Haircuts, walking, shopping, walking, roasted chicken dinner at home...
Oui, Paris!

Sunday, October 14, 2012


The sky is the cleanest blue
that only comes between seasons
for a moment in time
feeling as clean as a baby's breath
smooth as lambskin
and crisp as a crease in Italian cotton.

The Sugar Maples' color
gives new meaning to the word
when it does.

The air is fresher now
as light shifts
night sneaks in sooner
logs are stacked
and out moves in.

This morning
the mist creates a stage set
in tones of black and light
layered oak stenciled near, far
and mid-ground.

The golden acorns
weigh tree and rain on the roof
and once on my head
making a lump
as big as an acorn.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Vogue 8837 Pant and Skirt

Vogue 8837 Skirt

 I love this pant and skirt pairing.

I tend to look dowdy in a skirt, except a long lean one like this. 
Chic and svelte!
(I wish I could wear the shoes.)

Vogue 8837 Pant

The pants are wonderful -- their slim shape works as a legging or a pant, flattering with or without the cuff and gathered design detail on the back. 


There are two things you need to know when working with this pattern.

1. Sizes have been combined so if you are the smaller size in a grouping you will probably have to adjust the fit a bit more. I always like having some extra on the side seam for adjustments just in case anyway.
2. The elastic guide is wonky -- way too long -- so don’t use it. A lot depends on the stretch of the elastic but in this case 2/3 elastic to the length it will be stitched down should be fine. For instance if you are going to gather 15” on the pattern use 10” of elastic.
I make many samples in order to write the sewing directions. 
By the time I send the final samples off to the pattern company I’ve imagined a few different things I could do with the pattern. 
Sometimes I actually get one done.
Stretch Woven Version
The instructions call for moderate stretch knits only. 
I just made this fabulous pair in a stretch woven. 
I eliminated the cuff and the elastic on the back of the leg so they would be more like a skinny jean.

Closeup of My Stretch Woven Version

 has some beautiful stretch wovens if you want to try this at home... 
They are all listed as 'stretch woven' in their description or title in the woven section.

When I stitch up these pants I put the fronts together first. 
Next I sew the fronts to the backs at the inseam. 
Then I connect them by stitching the rise from front to back.

I use a basting stitch to put the side seams together and then try them on. 
This simplifies making adjustments. 
You could pin the sides together and make all the adjustments that way before your final sewing of the side seams.

The line drawings always give a true look at the shape of the pattern.
I think you can see how simple it can be to remove the cuff and elastic. 
I used the 'foldline' on the pattern and it was the correct length for me. 
You will want to adjust for your inseam. 
Another option is to eliminate the cuff piece and lengthen the front as needed.