Monday, October 22, 2012

Blue Skies in Paris!

There have been two wonderful warm
and sunny days in Paris to enjoy!
Cooler days are predicted so we have been
appreciating this Autumn magic.

Sat in a cafe for several hours Sunday
watching the river of people
rushing through the Marais.
So happy to be quiet for a while.

Had a lovely lunch today sitting on the sidewalk with
Judith Ann, an Oregon friend and her daughter Molly,
 born down the road in Takilma, soon-to-be-delivered of her new son.

An imminent birth brings so much joy to family and friends!
Even those of us on the fringes get to share.

This man waiting for his family outside of Merci 
is the best dressed I've seen in Paris. 
His suit was perfectly tailored
and he wore it with a casual panache.

Marcy and I stopped at Merci for a dessert and tea.
Both were superb.
They make them here with great care.
Some of the tastiest Parisian food I've eaten!
Merci, Merci.

Creativity in light fixtures is a Parisian talent.
This one gives new meaning to the term 'book light'.

The moon over the Place des Vosges as night falls.

Another perfect day in Parisdise.