Saturday, October 20, 2012

Oregon Weather in Paris

  Off to Paris with a few bags, ready for fun!

The koi pond at Maison Zen 
provides a small oasis in the garden 
which causes me to take a deep breath 
when I come in from the busy streets.

Even the air conditioner is zen...

 It's raining in Paris. 
They call it a 'brown' rain here and 
when the drops dry on a car you can see why. 
Doesn't bode well for what we are breathing in 
but not much one can do but continue to have fun and enjoy. 
It is not cold but just right for a raincoat and I love that.

Market Aligre was crowded this Saturday,
a feast of fresh fruits, vegetables, fish and meat.

Lunch at La Fontaine was lovely
(even with an insipid wine).

Much better wine tonight,
recommended by a Frenchman 
who was tasting at the wine shop.
(We listen to the recommendations,
they are usually spot on.)

Haircuts, walking, shopping, walking, roasted chicken dinner at home...
Oui, Paris!