Thursday, October 25, 2012

Paris Continues...

 This store always has window displays that are a visual feast
 of color and texture and style.
Almost makes me wish 
that I had a man to buy something for.

(My grandson will just have to wait.)


 A cowgirl theme is popular all over Paris this Fall.
Tres cher.

Carhartt jackets and Timberland boots,
make me feel right at home.

 One of the exquisite domes at Printemps.

The restaurant under the other dome
makes for a magical lunch.
Our playful waiter
looked a little bit like Brad Pitt.
He loved it of course
when we told him that.

Nespresso is now making a tea machine.
Imagine that.
Perfectly brewed tea every time.
Not yet available in the US.

You'll just have to wait...

Paris continues...