Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Vogue 8837 Pant and Skirt

Vogue 8837 Skirt

 I love this pant and skirt pairing.

I tend to look dowdy in a skirt, except a long lean one like this. 
Chic and svelte!
(I wish I could wear the shoes.)

Vogue 8837 Pant

The pants are wonderful -- their slim shape works as a legging or a pant, flattering with or without the cuff and gathered design detail on the back. 


There are two things you need to know when working with this pattern.

1. Sizes have been combined so if you are the smaller size in a grouping you will probably have to adjust the fit a bit more. I always like having some extra on the side seam for adjustments just in case anyway.
2. The elastic guide is wonky -- way too long -- so don’t use it. A lot depends on the stretch of the elastic but in this case 2/3 elastic to the length it will be stitched down should be fine. For instance if you are going to gather 15” on the pattern use 10” of elastic.
I make many samples in order to write the sewing directions. 
By the time I send the final samples off to the pattern company I’ve imagined a few different things I could do with the pattern. 
Sometimes I actually get one done.
Stretch Woven Version
The instructions call for moderate stretch knits only. 
I just made this fabulous pair in a stretch woven. 
I eliminated the cuff and the elastic on the back of the leg so they would be more like a skinny jean.

Closeup of My Stretch Woven Version

 has some beautiful stretch wovens if you want to try this at home... 
They are all listed as 'stretch woven' in their description or title in the woven section.

When I stitch up these pants I put the fronts together first. 
Next I sew the fronts to the backs at the inseam. 
Then I connect them by stitching the rise from front to back.

I use a basting stitch to put the side seams together and then try them on. 
This simplifies making adjustments. 
You could pin the sides together and make all the adjustments that way before your final sewing of the side seams.

The line drawings always give a true look at the shape of the pattern.
I think you can see how simple it can be to remove the cuff and elastic. 
I used the 'foldline' on the pattern and it was the correct length for me. 
You will want to adjust for your inseam. 
Another option is to eliminate the cuff piece and lengthen the front as needed.