Thursday, November 1, 2012

Paris, Perfume, Painting, Fabric and Feathers

Sitting in the hotel lounge tonight
having a glass of wine after a marvelous couple of days.
Some fun photos to help me remember...

 Window 'licking' (lèche-vitrines) at Colette. 
THE skirt of the season -- short and sassy.

On the rue Saint Honore
this is what a cowboy boot looks like.

Marcy and Francesca happily admire the cashmere
at Janssens and Janssens.
Yours for only 525 euros/metre.

 Philippine Janssens' window showing her bespoke pants.
She makes pants that fit, with infinite styling and fabricating possibilities.
And, she looks like Audrey Tautou.

If you want pants that really fit and are in Paris
it can happen

We toured this amazing silk flower facility and got to see a dress 
being made for a princess.

Ostrich feathers and crystals
attached one at a time
to curved insets along the bottom edge.

Someone's fantasy gown
becoming a reality.

The Soutine exhibit at the Orangerie
blew me away.
I've always liked his paintings
but seeing so many 
portraits and landscapes together
cemented his work
as an all time favorite in my book.
The brushstrokes,
the color,
the energy --
amazing and extraordinary.
I am in awe.
In the perfume studio -- a table of scents awaits.
So much fun to mix our own and train our nose.