Monday, February 4, 2013

Adding a Pocket to Vogue 8748

 I love the coolness of this big shirt
on a warm day (coming to your neighborhood soon)
made up in a crisp cotton, a soft linen, or a fluid knit.

Or the extra layer of warmth when worn as a jacket
over a tank or t-shirt.

I will be wearing this shirt both ways.

 Fabric in this newest rendition
many colorways available from Marcy's website
pre-washed of course.
I decided to add pockets,
as one of my students mentioned she did.
Thank you very much, pockets are so handy!

I created a new pattern piece, 8-1/2" x 7-1/2"
and wrote notes on it to help me remember what I did.
I added some length to the band on my pattern
so yours might be different dimensions.
1. Add a notch, 8-1/4" in from the side seam on the top of the band pieces.
(Adjust to your pattern piece's measurements.)

2. Stay-stitch 1/2" on either side of this notch and clip to that line.

3. Fold, press and top-stitch the band's seam allowance 
from the clip to the side seam to create a finished pocket front.

4. Finish the unmarked side of the pocket back piece and stitch to the front band.

5. Stitch the band to the shirt, treating the pocket as part of the band.

6.  Top-stitch the inside of the pocket seam before you top-stitch the rest of the band. 
Much easier to do at this point.

7. Reinforce the inside upper corner of the pocket with some stitching.

8. Baste the front and back sides of the pocket together
before stitching up the side seams.


 It is such fun to problem solve something like this
and who knows, I may do it differently next time...

For now -- happy creating!