Monday, February 11, 2013

Vogue 8863 - Erratum - Hem That Sleeve!

Hem That Upper Sleeve
Oops Vogue!

Much appreciation to my stalwart sewing friends
who let me know when something in one of my patterns isn't working.
I work very hard when writing pattern instructions
to keep things clear and as simple as possible.
Given how differently our minds process information
what I think is clear may not be clear to anyone else.
To say nothing about what the pattern company does
with the directions I send them...
Human beings doing their best and things slipping through the cracks.
When I get two emails about the same issue
I know something is really wrong.
A couple of people emailed me about finishing the sleeve on V8863.
Unfortunately in this moment I do not have the directions
as printed in the pattern envelope so I contacted Vogue.
They checked and sure enough
instructions for the sleeve hem were left out.
They are correcting this.
And in the meantime...
If you already have the pattern you might be experiencing
some frustration.
My deepest apologies.

And then, when I read someone else's blog
and they mention the wrong thing in total innocence -- Yikes!

made a great version of this pattern as a vest.
In reading her blog, she mentioned a raw edge on the jacket sleeve!
Oh no...

Please -- hem the sleeve of this jacket!
I love raw edges
but it doesn't seem like the right finish for a jacket like this.
The lower sleeve attaches to the lining inside the jacket
so it hangs loose and free.

My plan is to make a black or grey denim version
of this jacket (with no lining or lower sleeve)
to wear at the Sew Expo in Puyallup.
I'll keep you posted on that.

Happy creating!