Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Great Gift

who is the shipping Diva at
just had a birthday.
Her friend Diane is as inspired
as Roxy and Beth by Natalie Chanin's
simple and contemplative hand stitching techniques.
Diane used a pattern from one of Natalie's books
and up-cycled a couple of t-shirts
from the local Thrift Store.

The result is this charming pincushion
and tool holder that sits on the arm of a chair.
(My Natalie pillows in the background.)

Practical, beautiful and heartfelt.

What a sweet and loving birthday gift!

In addition to the pincushion on top
there are two side pockets for scissors,
threads and other small things.
Rice weights the pockets.

This applique technique works
even without painting the design.
Thread color choices offer more
design opportunities.
The brown is perfect here.

Happy stitching!