Saturday, May 18, 2013

À ma maison and last days in Paris

All over Paris love is in the air
as are English phrases
on garments and fabrics
which is mildly disappointing
for those of us searching for something
quintessentially 'French'.
(Such a cliché...)

All shopped out
(hard to believe I know)
so we didn't go in
but you've gotta love the name...

I started noticing
couples who dress alike
(and in this case blend into their surroundings).

You might not know that Marcy and I
were dressed alike when we were little girls,
which might explain why we often 
come out of our respective bedrooms 
wearing the same colors top to bottom.

One of us usually goes back to change...

Then there was this sartorialist
standing on the busy corner by 
Saint Germain des Prés.
Looking good,
and you can't even see the red plaid
in his stylishly cropped pant.
He turned away when he noticed me and my camera.

Why one would choose to dress like this
and then be shy is a question
I cannot answer here.

Wise words on a hip chair at Merci.

Still one of my favorite places to lunch in Paris
and always a source of design inspiration
offbeat items and warm weirdness.

This season at Merci they are in the process
of yarn bombing the little car
that sits in the entry.
Fabric and textile arts have 
come a long way, baby.


Always such a pleasure
(small and large)
to sleep in my own bed
after 30 hours of travel
with little sleep,
eating tasteless processed salty snacks
and a few dry carrot sticks.

Good thing it was so uneventful and fluid
that I finished reading, Paris, the Novel
 which tells a story weaving history,
the growth of the city, some of its now familiar 
always charming locations
and an interesting cast of characters.

So much heat and rain here
that our lush garden seems as beautiful
as at Giverny.
More beautiful actually
because it's home.


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