Friday, May 3, 2013

Paris Mind

The number above the door jumped out at me yesterday.
Third of May, third blog this trip,
walking to get my third haircut in Paris...

The mind is such a strange and marvelous mechanism.
Making connections and stories,
delighting and entertaining (mostly) me with 
the infinite variety of visuals it processes.

For instance
these boldly striped pants caught my eye.
And then, the mind immediately jumped to an image
of George Clooney
in 'Oh Brother Where Art Thou'.
(He is just so cute...)

The stairs I've been walking up
to get to our apartment on the 5th floor.
(I know this view is looking down but the light was better.)

The last few days I've been challenging myself
to walk the stairs rather than take the elevator.
When I went up them for the 3d time yesterday 
I finally managed to get to the top
and still have some breath left!
(All this walking is paying off the mind says...)

Pigeon party in the park
in Paris.
(My mind loves alliteration -- mots merveilleux.)

St Sulpice and its fountain last night.
Can you hear the water 
roaring over the lips of the fountain?

As happens sometimes in Paris,
the mind quiets
and just sits with beauty.