Saturday, May 11, 2013

ParisTilton Catch Up

Busy, busy, busy,
and fun, fun, fun,
describes the last few days of the tour.

Probably the most popular, identifiable and iconic
object in Paris, I love the Eiffel Tower
and was happy to visit there
with some of our group.

From the summit, the city of Paris
spreads out in miniature
providing views into courtyards and rooftop gardens.
(Only a moment of vertigo.)

We spent an hour and a half up top
with a glass of champagne,
watching the sun set behind clouds
and identifying monuments, churches and parks
from different vantage points.
The layout of Paris is majestic and graceful to view anytime
but especially on an evening with perfect weather.

Walking down the 1665 steps
as the twinkling lights came on was magic.

More majesty and beauty at Giverny
where blue appeared in the sky and was
reflected in the flowers and the pond.

cacophony of squeals had everyone wondering
just what was making all that racket.
A large crowd gathered at one end of the pond
and enjoyed watching at least 30 bullfrogs
madly puffing cheeks and calling for a mate.

Some advances were rebuffed
and some not.

After visiting Giverny
we went to the Orangerie to sit in the serenity
of Monet's grand murals
depicting the waterlilies in the pond where yesterday
we sat under the willows
enjoying the frog's boisterous bellowing.
(The woman who took our photo added some extra style 
with the addition of the plant. Parisian polish.)

Walking through the Tuileries Garden
we chanced upon a model
strutting in a stunning suit
while maintaining her balance 
in some wicked heels.

She was quite friendly
and sent a couple of poses towards our cameras.

Then we had our photo taken
by a young woman from Argentina.

We continue to meet wonderful people
from all over the world
as we wander in Paris.

Betty and Carol at Notre Dame
where we caught the Ascension Thursday service.

Ritual in the midst of Holiday chaos.

Some of us managed a visit to Karl Lagerfeld's
new store on Boulevard Saint Germain
where we were served champagne
while we shopped, laughed,
tried things on
and emailed Karl.

His iconic ponytailed profile
with high collar and sunglasses
is printed or embossed on everything you could think of
and some things you couldn't.
Imagine a herringbone pattern.
Now imagine it tessellating with Karl's profile.
On jeans.
(It works).
Plus limited edition Karl dolls
with giant crocheted heads.

Marketing genius at its best.

Souffle for dinner and another for dessert.
Excess? Well it is Paris.

Au revoir to a marvelous group of women!


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