Friday, July 12, 2013

7.13 Beyond the Arty T

We kept the classrooms and dye lab 
at the Textile Center in Minneapolis
hopping last weekend 
for a 'Beyond the Arty T: Expanding the Creative Envelope' 

Elaine's Dyna-Flo hand-painted and dyed trim.

14 creatives set up a studio in the classrooms
with sewing machines, cutting tables, fabric
and a heap of inspiration.
We used the dye-lab for our painting studio.

A Detail of Elaine's finished T using the trim she hand-painted.

Sarah at the machine.

Judy's first T -- a great color!
Linda starting to stitch.

Some were beginners.

This was Karen's second time at 'Beyond'
and she proudly shared the finished version of the jacket she started last year.
She cut, slashed, added zippers, darts, painted and added trims.

Alice painting.
Ellen painting.

Many people painted before, during and/or after stitching.

Emily doing pattern work.
Jesse at the ironing board.

When Lenore tried on my new shirt,
Butterick 5925, it became a dress!
On her, it worked.

Judy's shirt became a dress too.
She liked the versatility it offered.

Donna used some fun fabric on Vogue 8817.
European men's ready-to-wear inspired Rick
to create this up-cycled T.

Julia's fabulous sleeves came from her interpretation
of a Japanese design.

I am in awe of the enthusiasm, energy,
commitment, courage and talent that was present.

Everyone generously shared ideas,
inspiration, books, techniques, tools
and most of all themselves.

Thank you Beyonders!

Elinor and Judy work to fine-tune Judy's pattern.
Thanks to Elinor for helping make it run smoothly.

Dates for 2014 are June 27-29.
As requested,
Beyond the Arty T will go from 1PM to 6PM on Friday
allowing for two full days of exploring and playing
in the studios!