Monday, August 26, 2013

The Ensō Coat - Butterick 5960

Butterick 5960
The painted version
of this coat was so much fun to create!
The soft eggshell knit fabric is in the NEW fabric section
(If it is no longer there then it's gone I'm afraid.)
The silk-screens used are 'Yes' and 'Ensō'
and Marcy is selling them too.
'Ensō' comes in a set 
containing the three sizes you will need
to duplicate my design.
The lines are simple brushstrokes
made with a round brush
that looks like this:

I practiced many different techniques
before I settled on this particular design.
The fabric sample piece is so lovely
I'm now using it as a blanket for a 
luxurious afternoon nap
when I can sneak one in.

Practice painting your stroke
or screening 'Ensō' or 'Yes'
in fun colors on some wrapping paper
until you feel confident. 
That way you will end up with some cool
hand-painted gift wrap
as well as a fabulous hand-painted coat!

I'm loving the belted look
the Butterick stylist created

It could even be worn as a dress.
I'd add some snaps or buttons
for modesty's sake.

The lines are simple and classic
and a bit of padding in the long 'collar'
gives it a touch of dimensionality,
while the generous geometric pockets
hold everything you could want
and will keep your hands warm too.

The eggshell knit version is unlined
and the black version is lined.
Depends on how cold it is where you live
and what fabric you are using
but both versions are fairly simple.

Ensō Coat
Marcy's website has many great fabrics
that would work for this coat
and she's posting more every day
as autumn slips closer.

I am planning
a 3/4 length version to take to Paris...

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Go-to Top and Pant - Butterick 5961

Feeling French, Butterick 5961 in stripes with crop pants .
The square armhole
is what pops this top
into the chic category for me.
Add that to the comfort factor
and you can understand why
I just keep adding more of these shapes
to my wardrobe.

Color blocked Ponte.
Textures and length for Fall with stretch woven pants.
The versions I've made of this top
have been worn so much 
they are nearly worn out...
A fleece interpretation with raw edges
on the sleeves and hem
(which provide a cool 'roll' trim)
has been keeping me warm
these cool evenings
as it layers perfectly over a little T.
Time to make some more!

I'll be snooping around the ArtBarn 
to see what great new fabrics
Marcy has posted 
that get my creative juices moving.
Nothing like a little kick-up
to the wardrobe as Fall starts sneaking in.

You can really see the simplicity of the designs 
in the line drawings,
offering many opportunities
for pattern and/or stripe fabric combos.

Slim pant has seams down the center front and back
which can simplify fitting
and a flattering stitching detail on the front.
are an obvious choice
but stretch wovens will work too.
A tony update to my 'jeans' collection. 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Jane Foster's Walnut Creek Studio and Vogue 8817

“Anyone who has a chance to study with Jane Foster is very lucky. 
Jane combines the perfect blend of teaching ability
and knowledge of exquisite sewing technique 
with the talent to model great design."

Recently I received an email from Jane Foster
with photos of what she and the women in one of her classes
had done with Vogue 8817.
I want to share them with you.

 Jane screened polka dots on front and back.

Lark used a Marcy Tilton screen 
to soften the plain knit at the neckline.

Vicki used embroidery floss 
to work running stitch circles on the yoke.

Ellen cut out circles, 
fused them on with Steam-a-Seam
and added stitching.

Jeanne created two versions!

Jeanne couched copper cord onto the yoke
to create better color near her face.

Cathy combined some of the 50 shades of grey.

All you amazing creatives
continue to dazzle me with your innovations
and interpretations of my patterns!
Many thanks and much appreciation.