Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Paris Color

Myrna at the mercerie

There may be more than 50
shades of grey in Paris
but color (and camaraderie) abounds as well.

cafe smiles from Bobbie, Yvette and Jan

brousing buttons with Myrna, Elaine and Marcy

We've been doing lots of shopping
for fabric and notions,
clothing and accessories
(plus shoes of course),
in various hues, patterns, textures and styles.

Such fun shopping Paris,
sharing and wearing
our finds with each other.

blotter paper from hand painting silk flower petals

Watching a silk flower being created
from start to finish
is mesmerizing
and amazing.

tiny hand made silk flowers

 The French are very proud
of their fine craftsmanship --
and well they should be.

Hermes window in yellows
Hermes window in reds

Then there's Hermes --
whose windows are always gorgeous
bright and beautiful!

But for me 
nothing compares to Giverny.

pink leaves, red berries

I am always left
a bit breathless
by the colors of Autumn.

on the path
boats and bamboo

So much beauty,
water, greenery, respite 
and tranquility
even when filled with people.

Paris rainbow

Rainbows appeared over Paris,
sometimes double as this one
(viewed from inside the bus)
peeking in and out of the trees
as we rode along the Seine.


After the rainbow
a stunning sunset
to light our way home.
(or off to more shopping...)