Thursday, October 24, 2013

Paris in Perspective

Morning in the Tuilleries

Groups of French firefighters and police
run through the Tuilleries in the early morning
adding to the ambience and allure
of this beautiful (and momentarily) uncrowded expanse.

Square des Missions Étrangers

Chateaubriand's head graces this small square,
one of the many welcome bits of green
that provide respite and nature
as I wander through Paris.

Non-wandering gnomes

This creative window garden
made me smile.

Passage du Chantier
Small Passages offer a taste
of Paris before Haussmann
and never cease to charm.

Café life.
Sartorial splendor
brightens a day.

Inside out at Marithé + François Girbaud

Meticulous finishing creates
a garment that is as beautiful on the inside
as it is on the outside.
Reminder to self...
Price: €11,950 (about $17,000 at today's rate)
 I love the shade of yellow
but how could one carry this purse
when a family of four could be 
fed for a year instead?
Not that it's in my 'wants' or my budget anyway...

Send in the psychiatrist please

in the eye of the viewer.
offering new views.