Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Vue de Paris

Palais Royale

Into the Palais Royal
Le Jardin de Palais Royale

The weather in Paris 
has been magnificent this past week.
gorgeous clouds,
minor bits of rain
and warm temperatures.

The warmth of summer lingers.

Chez Serge Gainsbourg
Grafitti continues to evolve
at Serge's house
where the entrance has been modified
no doubt in preparation for the day
it opens as a museum.

I love the peeks into the Louvre
that are so full of light
in comparison to the dark passages 
one is passing through.

Marcy at Marly
Cafe Marly is not known for its
nourriture gastronome 
but the view is wonderful,
ambiance  exceptionnel
and the company always
au-dessus du dessus.
Especially lovely
with the warm weather.

These two darling women
are part of a Japanese dance troupe.

At the Louvre
Cello music led us into this passage.

More of the magic of Paris.