Sunday, November 3, 2013

Paris Mélange

Always a bittersweet time,
these final days in Paris.

Blue skies appearing after grey and rainy days
are appreciated.

A great apron
(but not for sale)
at the Sunday market.
He says he'll have some to sell
when we return next year...

Free range foies gras
seems an oxymoron
but M. Lafitte is quite proud of his product.
Bringing some foie gras with truffles back
to our friend Carol.

Words make an
 unforgettable t-shirt.

Great graphics
make an
unforgettable bathroom door.

at pillar 239
in the Palais de Tokyo,
after enjoying 'Virgule, etc.'
a retrospective look at the
marvelous shoes of Roger Vivier.

feather shoe by Roger Vivier

Designer Azzedine Alaïa
dazzled with his creative genius
at the newly renovated
Palais Galliera.

Alaïa's dress for Tina Turner

This Alaïa
Glacier wool dress
is available online
for €3,037.

And then...
at Le Bon Marché

I really think that
All Saints Day
is just too early
for the Christmas decorations
to appear...