Monday, January 20, 2014

Thanks for the Inspiration Haider!

The moment I saw this coat
I was reminded of Butterick 5960.
Simple classic lines
with many options 
for fabrics and layering.
Haider Ackermann Mens Fall 2014  

A coat over a jacket over a vest.
Two colors, related patterns,
flat texture, piped edge emphasis.

Haider Ackermann Mens Fall 2014

A coat over a vest over a jacket.
Ackermann is a master of layering,
piling texture upon texture,
shiny with rough,
smooth with fuzzy
and warm with warmer.

Haider Ackermann Womens Fall 2013

Ah, a touch of fur!
I know Spring is coming
but Winter is still here and layer upon layer
is a chic way to deal with the cold.
Plus you get bonus points 
for combining textures, patterns, colors and fabrics!

Haider Ackermann Womens Fall 2013
Wouldn't B5960 be great as a vest?
Or with fur used on the inside
 of the front collar?

Butterick 5960