Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Butterick 6026 & 6028, Contemporized Classics

Butterick 6028 Pant & 6026 Shirt
 The curve on the front of these pants
is created by the side seam
which adds just 
the right amount of interest 
to this flattering classic trouser.
(Feel free to crop for Summer.)
What the line drawing doesn't show you is
the curve in the side seam.
(I'm assured this will be remedied.)
It's there, I promise.
This version was inspired by 
Marcy's 'Party Pants' contest.

The fly front is really a 'fake',
and I must thank Sandra Betzina
(via Threads magazine)
which made things so much easier for me
when writing directions,
to say nothing of actually stitching the zipper in...
(She says to throw the directions out but in this case I wouldn't.)
The tucks and nipped in waist 
update the shirt with
a new elegance.
Use a #10 Bernina topstitch foot
to keep those tucks in line.
The collar has a stand
which means you can add variety
with a soft collar
or use just the stand for hot weather.
 I went to the book
to remind myself how to best approach
a collar with a stand.
I find this reference book extremely helpful 
and it's always fun
to learn something new.

These pieces (and many others)
will be featured in our fashion show,
'The Vogue & Butterick's Creative Closet', at the
Sew Expo in Puyallup, Washington,
February 27 - March 2, 2014.
9:30AM on Thursday,
1:30PM on Friday,
9:30AM on Saturday.

We are in booth #830.
Please come by if you are attending the Expo --
we have some amazing fabrics --
plus it's always great fun!
Our booth Divas plan their wardrobes
with great care and tremendous talent!
I am blown away by their creativity,
enjoying a carefully crafted new ensemble
every day.

I have just been informed
(thanks Clare!)
that there is an error
in this pattern.
Unfortunately I cannot get into the 'reply'
section on this blog to reply...
And, I am away from my studio for a week
to work the Sew Expo.

The best thing to do for any pattern error
is to contact Butterick directly at:

They are the one's that can make it right
so please contact them.
(I have just sent them an email
but you know that thing about the
'squeeky wheel'.) kt

Butterick (Vogue/McCalls) got right on it!
Here is the reply I got this morning:

Steps 11 & 13 will be changed; 
currently they say to turn in the edges even with the front. 
This step is being removed,
as this shouldn’t happen until step 21. 
We will revise the instructions.
       Consumer Services, Butterick Patterns

Thanks Butterick for the swift service! kt
PS The 'reply' part on this blog
still is not working for me!
What is up with that?