Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Going Crackers

 My versions of Elana's crackers. I like the lighter variety, Marcy prefers her's crispy.

Eliminating wheat products
is tricky when it's soup weather
and one love crackers with her soup.

Since discovering this wonderful recipe
I've been dazzling friends with tales and tastes
of my cool crackers
(which go perfectly with Marcy's delish soups). 

Follow this link to get to the super simple recipe.
In browsing Elana's wonderful website I know
I will be trying more healthy treats.
She really knows her stuff and how to keep it simple.
I like that especially.
Elana's Pantry's version
I've been trying some Tilton variations
with great success:
- add a bit of butter (about 1 tsp in small pieces, yum)
- add some chopped fresh rosemary (yum, yum)
- substitute cashew meal (yum)
Bob's Red Mill makes a lovely almond meal/flour.
One bag makes 2 batches of crackers.
They also have many other meal/flours 
that might make cool crackers.
(More playing with food!)
I also found cashew meal and almond meal
at Trader Joe's in the nut section.

So far the crackers have been a big success
alone, with or without soup,
with a bit of cheese,
and with a dollop of salmon salad and a pea shoot sprig.