Tuesday, May 20, 2014

48 hours in Rome

The oculus in the Pantheon.
Pantheon in Rome.

I walked around the corner,
chatting away, and there it was.
Absolutely took my breath away.
Huge, dirty, wearing down,
and so very beautiful!
Even the hordes of people couldn't take away
a speck of her grandeur.

Inside, more multitudes.
Quiet speakers asking for 'silence please'
in six different languages
were routinely ignored,
but the roar and excitement of the crowd
was easily absorbed in the harmonious form
grace and elegance of the space.

Marcy under the dome.
Excavations on the outside of the Pantheon.
I love these old things!

Music outside the Pantheon adding to the ambiance.

I am so glad to have come to the Pantheon
first as everything else seem to pale in comparison.

The Colosseum.

We drove by the Colosseum and the Forum
on the way in from the airport.
I found myself feeling a sense of disbelief
that the taxi was so casually passing through
all this beauty and history with nary a word.

Even after only two days
I have to stay super vigilant
to keep my sense of awe and wonder
at the history, beauty and daily life
that are the layers of Rome.

Trevi Fountain.

You might not know it from this photo
but the legions are still in Rome,
now with the name of 'tourist'.
I could hardly get near the Trevi Fountain
and didn't really want to with the crowds.

Lost in translation.

I'm against the tourist menu too!
Food here is just as fabulous as I've been told.
I'm enjoying every bite.

Dusk on the Ponte Garabaldi

Hot, gorgeous and jam-packed in May,
I can't imagine what the city is like in high season...

No doubt she still dazzles.