Monday, May 5, 2014

Butterick 6064, The Rectangle Vest

 B6064 in silk jacquard
If you saw the Vogue/Butterick Fashion Show at the Sew Expo in Puyallup
you saw a version of this vest.
Many of you drooled over it,
wanted it,
Asked about it,
and now it's here!
This version has stitching lines added before the pieces are sewn together.

This is a simple vest to sew
while being a very versatile and flattering shape.
(It "hides the misery" as my friend Martine likes to say.)
Plus there are a couple of great pockets!
Wear it as a sleeveless top.
Dress it up or down. has a juicy selection of fabric possibilities!
I'm looking for just the right weight of denim
so I can make one to wear everyday as an apron.
I always press the top, side and hem facings in place
very first thing,
all around the outer edge,
even before stitching the shoulders together
or stitching the corners in place.
Later, when I go to top stitch,
all I have to do is touch things up.

Inside view with shoulder stabilizer and bias sleeve band.
The secret to this vest
is the clever inside piece
that causes the vest to sit on the shoulders
with the beautiful soft collar framing your face.

Outside/inside view of bias band before it is folded, pressed and turned to the inside

Mark the corners for easy stitching together.

Corner stitching line.

Inside the stitched corner, ready to add a small strip of interfacing.

First stage of pressing corner before top stitching.

Final stage of pressing -- now ready for top stitching.

Be sure to interface inside the top two corners
where the buttonholes will go.
The button on the left shoulder is on the outside
and I love picking a really special button to go here.
The button on the right shoulder is hidden inside the vest
so nothing fancy is needed.

Neck and button detail.

B6064 line drawing.

Back view.

Back pleat markings.

Pocket pleat detail.
The pocket has a pleat on the outside
giving it a nice depth for your hands,
or whatever else you might like to put in your pockets.