Monday, May 5, 2014

May in Paris - Trains and Tattoos

The Orient Express.

My days have been so jam-packed 
with grand and fun adventures
I hardly know where to begin...

Blue sky Sunday on Ile Saint Louis.
Two days of blue skies and 72 degrees on Monday!

Compartment for lovers.
Train travel was a regular occurrence when I was a child
as my Dad worked for the Great Northern railroad.
We traveled back and forth to and from Minnesota often to visit family
and I grew up loving to ride on trains.
This made it especially fun to visit The Orient Express train
Three train cars totally restored to their original grandeur.
The tables and chairs were strewn with glasses, ashtrays,
coats, playing cards, books and other detritus,
as if the occupants had just stepped out to the WC.

Harry Potter on the Orient Express.
I especially loved the contemporary touch to the newspapers
which had electronic tablets inside running old newsreels.

Ma Soeur.

Glass panels by Lalique.
Everything was handcrafted with perfection 
from the Lalique light fixtures, windows, panels and inlays
to the beautifully fitted wood doors, bars and cupboards.
So many fond memories of train rides as a little girl!

Marcy and Martine in the passageway.

At Le Train Bleu.
Le Train Bleu had to be the perfect place for lunch!
Terrifically Rocco.

Scallops with sauteed fennel, spinach and orange rind.
The quality of the food is grand and the prices are just as high
as you've heard...

Salted carmel millefuille.

Coffee with a meringue and financier.
Oh la la! Fou de fa fa!

In front of Mademoisielle Chapeaux.
Discovered a very new hat shop on rue de Tournelles
between rue de la Bastille and rue du Pas de la Mule.
Owned by five very creative women Mademoiselle Chapeaux 
is a little gem if you love hats or need something for a special occasion.

Sur le Pont...
A gorgeous bartender with lovely tattoos.
We were fortunate enough to be invited to the opening night
of a marvelous tattoo exhibition at the Museé du Quai Branley,

All the Bartenders and most of the attendees had amazing tattoos.

Love the tattoos on his arm...

The poster.
Ed Hardy represented the USA 
and I loved viewing a range of his work in person.

Paris is always a joy.