Thursday, May 8, 2014

Painting by Meghan Keane

Les outils et les matériaux.

It is a privilege and and honor to sit for a painting.

Especially a sitting with the talented Meghan Keane
from New York, who is spending some time with us in Paris.
This morning Marcy and I were fortunate to be Meghan's 
subjects for the first in a series of what I am calling her
'Portraits on the Road',
sittings in Paris and Barcelona,
for one of Meghan's
marvelous paintings in form, color and relationships.

The artist at work.

Most of Meghan's carry-on was filled with art supplies
(she travels much lighter than I do!).
She found the stretched linen canvas in Paris.
 (We will be taking the canvas off the stretchers
and rolling it up to take home.)

The subjects with the work.

I love the unexpectedness
(Not sure what I expected of course...)
 and the ambiguity.

Not sure exactly who we are,
where we are, or
 what we are doing.

If you know us you might recognize us
but would you if I hadn't told you?

A bit of the cauldron perhaps --
creating the world
stirring the pot
seeing the future
sparking up life
shifting the paradigm
igniting creativity
disturbing the status quo.

 So much green living space to work with!

Untitled, 8 May, 2014

Feel free to contact Meghan
to work with her on a painting 
of you,
with a loved one,
or your family.

Getting married?
New parents?
Old parents?