Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Under the Tuscan Sun version 2.0

In case you were wondering
what happened to the first 'Under the Tuscan Sun' blog,
it was posted by mistake.
My apologies. 
And just so you know, there was no content, only a title.
I could blame the jet-lag but then
stuff happens...

A view from Montepulciano.
For our stay in Tuscany
we rented Palazzo Bracci in Montepulciano
with no idea of the history of the building.
What a grand surprise!
If you are travelling to Tuscany
I highly recommend renting this lovely home
with her faded grandeur,
charming meandering rooms, 
huge terrace and stunning views.
Wonderful to have the main street
just outside our front door,
for wandering up and down
the picturesque cobbled lanes
or popping in to one of the small groceries
for vegis, olive oil, wine or pasta.
We had many fine restaurants to choose from
within walking distance.
European restaurants frequently start the meal
with an amuse-bouche,
something to tantalize the taste buds.
Imagine my surprise 
when our first dinner in Tuscany
began with a jello slider!

Mind you it was a chic Italian jello slider!
They must train Italian waiters to flirt
along with the fine service.
Every one who served us was charming
warm and funny without a speck of smarm.
Makes that tasty Italian food even more delicious.

We took some day trips and
I really enjoyed being in Siena.
It was raining when we got there
which was a good thing
as the (other) 'tourists' stayed away
until the sun came out.

Looking over Siena at the Duomo.
My favorite thing was climbing to the Panorama 
atop the Duomo (Cathedral) museum.
After I caught my breath it was 
spectacular views in every direction.
The black and white stripe stone is distinctive
and wonderfully over the top!

Because Siena was not considered 'important'
it wasn't bombed  during the war
so the beautiful architecture
remains intact.
 We can all be thankful for that.

Marcy in the wine cellar.

 Tuscany would be nothing without the local wines.

Each of the wineries we visited in Montepulcino
had Etruscan ruins deep in the earth
where the temperature never changes
and the wine ages in massive casks.

Etruscan well.
The ancient energy is palpable
when I'm in these old sites.
I love it.

Entrance to an Etruscan tomb from the 6-5th century BCE.

The best tasting wines came from 

Old bottles lend ambiance in the Frattoria della Talosa wine tasting room.

So good in fact that we ordered a case.
 (We'll see how it travels...)
Not only did they have the best wine,
but they were knowledgeable and friendly.
Not the case everywhere...

Cemetery at La Foce.
More tombs.
I find them peaceful.