Monday, August 11, 2014

Crusing the Big City

times square

Returning to New York City
after a long hiatus is great fun!
I loved the visit
and appreciate the fact that I live in the country...
The best part is naturally the people.

Eating and hanging out with family and friends,
catching up, laughing, learning what's new.

 mannequins in the hallway

A visit to McCall's
provided a look behind the scenes
and a chance to meet the talented women and men
who make my patterns possible.

one of the workrooms

They are sewers just like us.
They work really hard at their jobs,
would like more time to sew,
and seemed as happy to meet us as we were to meet them!

marcy in the mccall archives

makeup area for the photo shoots

vogue pattern magazine mock up featuring a new pattern

Such a gift to now have 'faces' and spaces
for the place that completes all the work on my patterns.

After our McCalls visit
we walked to the 911 Memorial.
Unlike many other crowded 'tourist' areas in NYC
the energy here was serene and respectful.

911 memorial waterfall and pool

 Names of the deceased 
surround the high waterfalls 
that fill the two pools,
that fit the footprints of the towers.
In the center
water disappears into an abyss.
Fitting metaphor for sorrow,
loss and love.
A privilege to experience.

Many other experiences happened as well.

surrounded by fabric

We shopped for fabric every day
and found some amazing pieces
(for all of our pleasure).
Cherry picking the best of the best
And trust me,
after shoping NYC for fabric, has the best!

with madeline and marcy on the high line

Took a lovely walk on the High Line
where the green and the calm
belie its location
in the midst of the city.

at the charles james' exhibit

The Charles James Exhibition
was extraordinary.
What a mind created these garments!
How lucky we are to be able to see
inside and outside 
with the aid of cameras.
wonderful quotes surround the work

intelligent words
 The quotes that surround the work
provide a hint into the brilliant workings 
of James' mind.
madeline toasting at blue hill nyc
The finest meal I've ever eaten
Delicious, fresh, surprising,
perfectly prepared
and paired with wine,
the courses went on and on,
delighting the palate,
and pleasing the eye.
Outstanding in every way
and perfectly served.
Ahh... What a joy!

Spoiling me for anything else.