Sunday, August 31, 2014

Lengthening Butterick 6106

Since my last blog
about making some jacket/shirts
from Butterick 6106
I've received several questions 
about lengthening it.
Here are the answers.

butterick 6106 in monet's garden 'denim'

Yes, I did lengthen the pattern for my blog versions.
No, I did not use the 'lengthen here' lines
as shown on the paper pattern pieces.
Well, I didn't have the Butterick version
of the pattern yet, I had my own
(which by the way has no seam allowances).
Know that I have the pattern before Butterick does
but it doesn't look the same as what you purchase.
From the time I send Butterick the size 10 samples
to be photographed, it takes about 9 months
for the pattern to come out.

top left front showing 1-1/2" of added length
left front and left side back showing 3" of added length

I looked at my pattern 
and made an educated decision 
about where to best lengthen it
to get the 3 more inches I wanted.
Given the number and shapes of the front pattern pieces
it seemed like too much to add in just one place.
Since I couldn't see adding at the hem
I basically chose two places where I could add 1-1/2"
while still maintaining the integrity
of the jacket/shirt's lines.

right front with 1-1/2" added in two places

It was fairly simple but like any pattern alterations
the details take some time.
I've opened the now released pattern envelope 
of Butterick 6106 and looked at all the pieces.
The 'lengthen here' lines are all good to go
so you don't have to reinvent the wheel like I did.

adjusting the seamline with a curved ruler

If you want more than 2" of length added
feel free to copy what I did.
I think you can figure it out from the photos.
Remember it's not brain surgery,
what you are about to attempt
is mostly common sense.
I've just done some of the thinking for you.

All fabrics used for my work are from
Because the samples go to Butterick
so far ahead of time
often the fabric used in those samples is gone
by the time the pattern comes out.
(At the time of this blog
'Monet's Garden' and 'Versaille' stretch denim
are still available. If you can't find them on
Marcy's website, then they are sold out.)
But there's always more fabric.
New pieces are posted almost every day.

Have fun and send me photos please!