Monday, October 27, 2014

The Sweet Life in Paris

Such a gift just to be in Paris.

Then there's all the fun
and exploring
and playing
to do.

Filling profiteroles with deliciousness at La Maison du Chou.
Sweets abound in Paris
and these little three bite treats
melted in my mouth.

L'effet-bulles in Passage Choiseul.

L'effet-bulles is the nicest 'concept' store 
I've encountered in my travels.
Original and packed with treasures old and new
its tiny footprint holds a delight of goods.

Great pants from a shop down the street. (I want them...)
Matching shirt?

Some of what I'm noticing 
is that my favorite things
are quite pricey wabi-sabi items
that could be replicated with a bit of
dumpster diving and some handwork.

Well, maybe that's it...
 There's a bit of bravado
along with the soul.


Welcome to Giverny.
KC and Suzanne.
With Sally, Kathleen, Kathy and Vicky.
Les Nymphes.
Still magnificent.
Visiting Giverny is so good for the soul.
Even in the last days before closing
the overgrown and often faded blossoms
share their glory and their decline in equal measure.

Clouds in water.
I am always renewed by sitting under the willows 
watching clouds roll by across the still pond.

Another group of marvelous accomplished women
to play with in Paris.


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

October in Paris Musings

Extraordinary weather.
A blue-sky-75-degree weekend.

raison d’être.

The Pyramid at Musée du Louvre.
Le Café Marly at the Louvre.

Nothing better than
fabulous surroundings and
the company of great good friends.

Paris is for noticing.



and the new space
lets more light in.

Whitewashed window.

Beautiful images
and textures
appearing everywhere.

Expect the unexpected.

Classic form
cunning execution
(but not enough to actually consider wearing a suit).

Stella does zippers.

Is more really more?

Dries nails bold.

Large and more.

Rebel without a cause.

Paris just
be cause.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Amsterdam Design

Traveling is such a gift.
Allowing me to come face to face with all my foibles,
likes, dislikes and comfort levels.
Being lost.
Not knowing where to go.
Wandering and then

Meeting lovely people,
cranky people,
different people.

Noticing when I'm the cranky people.

My first visit to Amsterdam,
(the Venice of the North it is,
though I've not been to Venice),
where the canals dazzle and calm,
and heaps of bicycles create static pattern
or energetic flow.
One really does have to watch out for those cyclists
and finding a break to move through them
isn't always easy.

Exploring with long time friends,
celebrating (tardily) the 19th anniversary 
of a milestone birthday.
No idea how to top this next year!

Extremely hip concept store Sukha
was filled with so many immense
cozy knitted, crocheted and padded nests 
I wanted to snuggle in and stay all day.

Rowers on the canal reminded me of
my dear granddaughter Bridget
who rows on the Mississippi.

Beautiful artist's paintbox in the Rijksmuseum.
Wouldn't be complete without the pipe. 

Ancient mariner's hat is still stylin'.

So many beautiful and not before seen works
by Van Gogh in his museum.
His words touched my heart.

I want this chair!
Bundled clothing, yours or theirs,
creates this marvelous piece at Hotel Droog.

Beautifully delicious amuse bouche
at Spelt.

Nothing speaks like Amsterdam design!