Sunday, June 14, 2015

Reversible Shirt -- Butterick 6218

Butterick 6218

A multi-option t-shirt,
where you make the decision
of which side to wear as the front
and which as the back.
Your choice of 'front' or 'back' --
the flat hemmed side with the buttons
or the other side with the angled hem?

Butterick 6218

This side of the t-shirt looks just as good
on the front as on the back.

My version of Butterick 6218

Some days I like the angle in the front.

Some days I like the straight hem
in the front.

I opted to add some contrast
hand stitching rather than buttons
to this grey and black version I made for myself.

Butterick 6218

This is a very fun pattern
to play with color-blocking.

Butterick 6218

Ideal for stripes as well.

Butterick 6218

A natural for combining
some of those large scraps
you've been hanging on to.

I lay out all the pattern pieces
and play with variations of color,
print and motif.
When I find a pleasing layout
I tape a fabric clipping to
each corresponding pattern piece.
Then I sort them by color/print/motif
 so I can cut out all the pieces 
for each fabric choice at the same time.

It's like creating a fabric puzzle.

You might note that each of the shirts
on the pattern envelope
fits the model slightly differently.
This is due to the fluid nature of knits...
Each t-shirt version was cut 
from exactly the same pattern pieces.

Some knits will shrink as you iron them.
Some knits will stretch as you use them.

You never know.
Knits are like your cat --
you love them 
but you're never sure what they're going to do.

All fabrics used are from


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