Friday, October 16, 2015

Sensate Paris

After a hot dry summer in Oregon
the rain in Paris is welcome.
Streets and greenery shine
and the air smells fresh.

Sometimes in Paris one is gifted
with a peek into a tended courtyard.
Food for the eye
as tasty and sweet as a macaron!

A surprise concert outside our hotel.
Harmonious sounds swirling
through the street;
auditory leaves of resonance wrapping round.

Selfies in the gelato shop
can't convey the taste
and perfect texture 
of our delectable dessert.
A decadent den of deliciousness.

Concept shop Merci
is always on the edge of something new;
presently featuring vintage 
English Navy coats and jackets
in scratchy wool serge with
shiny brass buttons.

Pricy chic.

But then Paris
is never stingy...