Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Paris est vivant!

 Yes, Paris is alive 
and from the looks of it still kicking.
Paris and all that she stands for
cannot be killed.

Paris is beauty, 
romance, adventure, friendship,
refinement, food, art, 
connection, intimacy, life,
and most important,

My heart is broken.
My heart goes out to Paris.
My heart goes out to humanity.

And the tragedy of Friday, November 13th
has simply opened my heart to loving Paris more.

Paris is mystery.

Paris is light.

And the Seine flows.

I look forward to returning to Paris in the Spring --
connecting with friends,
visiting my favorite places,
eating good food,
laughing at my poor French language skills,
sitting in cafes.

You can't kill love.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Paris, Étonnez Moi

Great gratitude for the opportunity
to wander Paris 
with two groups of wonderful women
and continue to be amazed.

An abundance of riches —
delicious food, fine wine,
satisfying shopping,
visual feasting,
a riot of laughing
and new friends.

Rain was rare
and added to the magic.

We took silly selfies,

meandered in Montmartre,

gushed over charming puppies,

posed with the Eiffel Tower,

enjoyed Chopin on the street,

visited with bladers on the bridge,

Chris, Karen and Marcy 

Brooks and Dana
played on the plinths in the Palais Royale,

Alber Albez/Lanvin exhibition

Alber Albez/Lanvin exhibition
Alber Albez/Lanvin exhibition
Dominique, Marcy and Debra
inhaled the gift of Alber Albez's creativity ,

 photographed our shadow,
'licked' some windows,

looked in some windows,

Painting by Faith Ringgold
Detail by Faith Ringgold
found the best piece in the Picasso Mania show
by Faith Ringgold,

watched an artist sketch Sacre Coeur,

Bench by Lee Kwang-ho
Light fixture by Lee Kwang-ho
viewed the Korea Now exhibit,

Marcy, Louise, Jennifer and Jill
and enjoyed cafe life.

Je suis stupéfié!