Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Butterick 6381 and 6357 Versatile Vests or Tops

Still high Summer here in Southwest Oregon
but I've noticed a crispness in the air 
that whispers 'Autumn'
as it chills my skin in the morning.

Vests are the perfect pieces
to move my wardrobe into Fall.
This one is also a great piece to take to Paris!

I've been reading all about what
and Shams at Communing With Fabric 
are creating these days.
Impossible to keep up with them,
and they are endlessly inspirational!
So happy they are coming to Paris
with ParisTilton!!

So, a vest for Paris
and possibly New York if it's not too hot.
Of course if it's hot I can always
wear it as a sleeveless top...

Butterick 6381 Line Drawings

New version of Butterick 6381

Fabric used in this most recent vest is two pieces 
of a double faced woven polyester
in a black and deep purple geometric design.
Lucky to have found these pieces in Paris.
Buttonholes can be added up into the collar
to create a more cowl effect. has lots of beautiful taffeta's,
pontes, linens, wools and other fabrics
suitable for this design.

Some Tips for Stitching Up Butterick 6381

 Pressing hems in place early on 
in the sewing process 
-- before sewing the side seams --
simplifies hemming.
With B 6281's shaped hem it's recommended.

Hemming hint for Butterick 6381
Extending from the hem on the left 
is the simple pressing tool
consisting of a length of lightweight cardboard
cut to the width of the hem (1-1/4").
that makes pressing a breeze.
The hem on the right has been pressed in place
(using a wider tool) and is ready 
for the finished edge to be pressed in.
Finished hem can be topstitched in place
or sewn by hand as on this version.

Buttonhole placket marked and ready to be stitched in place.
Buttonholes are stitched in the placket
before it is stitched to the right front facing piece.
It is easier to cut the buttonholes open
before the placket is sewn to the facing.
Finishing the raw edge is a good idea too.
Chalk lines for stitching help with placement.

Buttonhole placket marked for stitching.
After turning and pressing
mark the horizontal stitching lines with chalk.

Now the facing is ready to be stitched to the vest.

Butterick 6387 Line Drawings

This asymmetrical vest/shirt is quite easy to construct.
Be creative with the folds on the collar
or just let it hang. 

The simple lines make it a natural 
for surface design using paint,
thread or patterned fabric.

Happy Summer, Happy Sewing!