Friday, July 21, 2017

A 'Shacket' and a Tunic -- Butterick 6491 and Butterick 6492

Two new patterns from Butterick
for late Summer transitioning into Fall.

Butterick 6491 - Shirt or Jacket

My pattern-maker Stacey calls this a 'shacket' because it combines the best 
of a shirt and a jacket 
(plus it sounds better than a 'jackirt')
Some of what you call it depends on what fabric you are using. With lighter fabrics it's clearly a shirt. 
Use a heavier weight and you've got a jacket.  

The 'trees' fabric (sold out) is one
of the wonderful Japanese cottons 
available on Marcy's website.
Each design is limited 
and often sells out quickly
but know we get new designs in 
as often as we can.

Butterick 6491 - Shirt or Jacket

This is a straightforward, easy-to-sew shirt
with pleats at the hem and in the collar,
adding a kicky vibe.
Shorten on the indicated lines on the pattern
if you want a shorter version.

The 3-part sleeves are narrow in this design
so be sure to paper fit the pattern.
If you need more arm room
add to the side seam on the
upper sleeve and armscye
or add a gusset under the arm.
I always like to do a FBA as well.

Butterick 6492 Tunic Top

This tunic top is sure to become
a staple in your wardrobe 
just like it has in mine.

Butterick 6492 Tunic Top

I love the in-seam raw edged pockets
and the curved front lines
are very flattering.

Perfect sewn in a Ponte 

Happy Sewing!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Pleats & Pockets -- Butterick 6459 & 6461

Nothing like a new shirt and pant to welcome Spring!
Even with the wet and gray
weather we've been experiencing
here in the northwest,
sewing with lighter colors and florals
brings on a smile.
Butterick 6461 Pockets Pant, cropped version.

Reminds me of what's to come --
flowers and sunshine.
Keep an eye on 
for the great stretch wovens Marcy offers.

Butterick 6461 Pockets Pant.
The pants have two deep pockets
on the front leg which add a nice design detail
along with some practicality.
An extra deep hem
offers the versatility to wear the pant long
or to roll up the finished hem for a cropped look.

This top can be worn as both 
a shirt and a jacket.
Butterick 6459 Pleatback Shirt or Jacket.
It works alone as a shirt or as a 
jacket layering piece over a tank or T.
Butterick 6459 Pleatback Shirt or Jacket.
A multi-colored version was created
using different patterned taffetas
Pre-washed taffetas waiting to be pressed.
Washing softens the taffeta 
and pressing readies it for cutting.
Taffeta version of Butterick 6458.
Four different taffetas
were used in this version.
Buttons are vintage.
Fabric swatches on pattern pieces.
Always look for balance and harmony
in the design. 
One way to do this
is by shifting swatches around
on the pattern pieces.
Work with one side of the pattern
and then the other
when making design decisions.
In the photo above each pattern piece is ready 
to be cut singly in two different fabrics,
one for the left side and one for the right.
Curving pleats enhance the back.
 Pleats are marked on the inside 
& stitched to the outside.
I like to begin by stitching up every other pleat.
Then finish stitching 
the remainder of the pleats and press.
The yoke was cut double so there would be
more contrast fabric by the face.
The center front facing was trimmed off 
and tucked up under the the yoke lining/facing.
The yoke lining/facing pinned
and ready to be slip-stitched in place.
The yoke and collar crush softly around the face.
Pleats in the back yoke 
repeat the design element
and can be pressed up or down.
Back of the taffeta version.
Butterick 6459 (ignore what it says on the photo).
Happy Sewing!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Pretty in Pink or the Pussyhat Project

It snowed today here in southwest Oregon
bringing great beauty into my world
this first day of 2017.

I was nearly finished 
with my next Butterick pattern sample
and alway love a small diversion
before I completely finish.
Making a couple of Pussyhats
seemed the perfect amusement

When I mentioned the Pussyhat Project
on my Facebook page, 
the possibility of my
stitching up a Pussyhat was mentioned...
Nothing like a special project
to get a girl's creative juices flowing.
Happily I found a small bolt of fuschia melton,
a passionate pink perfect for what I had in mind,
a variation of Marcy's hat OOP Vogue 8966. 

Not having the pattern but one of the hats, 
view D I believe,
I measured the circumference,
added a seam allowance (24" total length),
stitched up a tube (11.5")
 and marked a stitching line
(2.5" from each side, 2" from top of hat). 

10" x 23" flat tube with stitching line marked (hat is shown upside down).
I stitched on the line and turned the hat
inside/rightside out. 
Super simple.

Voila! A Pussyhat!!

I ended up making four pussyhats
they were so much fun.
Soft and oh so chic for
the Women's March on Washington
or whatever city you're marching in.

If you are marching and would like one of these hats
please let me know.
If you will make a donation 
to your local women's shelter
I will mail you a hat.

I only have four though...


Addendum: The Pussyhats are all gone...

Our storm turned into a doozy -- 
must be 20" of snow
Lost power for two days.
This means no electricity, internet or water.
Good thing there's a woodstove in the house.
Happy to have it go back on today
with more severe cold coming in tonight.
Stay warm and be well everyone.